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Our Process
At River Valley Remodeling we know that having to replace your roof, is not fun for you. Thats why we do it righ the first time, and offer lifetime warranties on roof replacements.
When you need a roofing company in central Connecticut give us a call, you wont be dissapointed.

Our process to serve your roofing needs:

1) We set an appoinment with you.
2) We arrive at your home the day of the appointment ON TIME.
3) We can get a visual inspection of your roof. Go over different roofing options with you to accomodate your needs, and budget.
4) Provide you with a written estimate (in most cases on the spot).

There's no hard sell. Companies like power home have salesmen that simply don't leave until you sign. They tell you it's this price now, if they come back it goes up. We don't sell roofing that way, and our prices are usually 30-40% less than their best price.

Signs you roof may need to be replaced

Consider the conditions your roof must endure. First, there is
the intense heat of the sun, which scorches the surface of the
roof and raises rooftop temperatures 50 to 75˚F above ambient
temperature. The sun’s rays are relentless, especially during the
early afternoon hours. In addition to heat, the sun is the source
of ultraviolet radiation, which has been shown to degrade and
accelerate the aging of the asphalt layers of the shingle. If not for
the protective layer of colored granules, roofing shingles would
fail very quickly. Other factors such as moisture, pollution and
physical effects (roof traffic, hail, snow loads, tree limbs, etc.)
all contribute to the aging and degradation of your roofing shingles.
Seasonal and weather changes also play a role in the aging of asphalt
roofing shingles. For example, consider the common situation
in which the roof is bathed in the intense heat of the summer sun.
On such a day the rooftop may reach temperature s in excess of
160˚F. Now imagine a cold front sweeping through the area, bringing
with it the violent thunderstorms that are a common occurrence
during the sweltering days of summer. Almost instantaneously,
the rooftop temperature drops 60-100˚F as it’s pounded with a summer shower. Thermal shocks such as this cause the roof deck
beneath to expand and contract, placing a strain on the shingles.
Year after year this process is repeated, resulting in cyclic fatigue
of the shingles .

1) Age:
Un like fine wine, roof shingles do not improve with age. If your roof is 20-25 years old, its time to have it looked at by a professional roofing company. Connecticut weather proves harsh for roof shingles with our cold winters, hot summers, and fast extreme changes. As asphalt roof shingles age, they become less pliable, and prone to cracking during these changes.

2) Cupping, or curling:
Cupping, or curling shingles can be the result of a number of things.
It is part of the aging process of the roof shingle, but it can also be
caused by:
a) Poor installation.
b) Improper attic ventilation.

3) Missing Shingles
If your roof is missing partial, or entire roof shingles, it's probably
time to for a roof replacement. Our Certainteed roof shingles are
warrantied up tp 110 MPH winds.

4) Cracking
Surface cracking is another example of the normal aging process
of roof shingles. Over time the oils in the asphalt breakdown,
and the shingles become more brittle.
cupping or curling roof shingles
Missing roof shingles
Cracked roof shingles
"Recently had River Valley Remodeling put a new roof on my house. They were amazing. Started right on time (even with the bad weather)"
- Jonathan Peterson
Middletown CT